FMI is more than 3 letters. It represents the highest in precision, quality and innovation. Using the all-new, FMI Direct Forming with Anti-Rotation Knock-out has resulted in a wide series of flange bolts that raises the standards for fastener design, quality and production. That’s why for over a decade, FBA has imported FMI fasteners and is the exclusive importer of FMI fasteners to Australia.

Products using the "FMI Direct Forming with Anti-Rotation Knockout", our 12 Point head height is increased by 6% and flange thickness is reduced by 22% compared to other 12 Points. This means a larger surface area for better grip, traction and durability.

Because the "FMI Direct Forming with Anti-Rotation Knock-out" does not use trim dyes, our 12 Points will always have a clean, precise and high quality finish and feel.